Linda Hessee

Volunteer since 1995

"Many times children have the smallest voice in the room but have the greatest need. Becoming a CASA volunteer gives me the ability to amplify a child's voice."

Robert Steiner

Volunteer since 2011

"There is a need for advocating for children that cannot speak for themselves. I find this is a great way for me to give back to the community."

Gail Ranger

Volunteer since 2013

"When I retired, I decided to do volunteer work. I had heard about CASA and their main purpose is to be an advocate for children in need. I have been a CASA volunteer for 8 years and the satisfaction of helping a child find their “forever home” has been a rewarding experience for me."

Cinda Barnett

Volunteer since 2016

Julie Rice

Volunteer since 2016

Carol Hearne

Volunteer since 2018

"I believe children need to know they are important and valuable. They need to be assured people care about them. Children are our future. WE need to give them all the help we can for them to succeed."

Kara Larimore

Volunteer since 2019

"I became a CASA volunteer to give an unbiased voice to the children in the system. Children who are not able to speak for themselves at court. "

Amy Shipman

Volunteer since 2021

"I became a CASA volunteer because I am passionate about all children having the opportunity to grow and develop in a positive, loving, and safe environment."

Carol Galliart

Volunteer since 2021